Stitch: Masterclasses

We're thrilled to announce our Embroidery Masterclass videos, the first of which featuring expert embroiderer Jenni Davis.
Jenni has created this special in depth masterclass video exclusively for Stitch. Over the course of two hours she will take you through all the stitches and techniques involved, so you are ensured perfect results and can brush up on your stitching knowledge at the same time.

Running time: 2hrs

Click here to view Jenni's Masterclass


Explore the possibilities of mixed media and free machine stitching with Nikki Parmenter's Embroidery Masterclass video.
Mixed-media artist Nikki Parmenter teaches you how to create a fabulous textile frog using the fused fabric technique – an alternative to the plastic entrapment method she demonstrates in issue 149 of Stitch. Follow her step-by-step guide to ensure perfect results. first time!

Running time: 50 mins

Click here to view Nikki's Masterclass


Embroidery artist Loëtitia Giber teaches you how to create a folk-art flower using various stitches, plus needlelace! 
Loëtitia talks you through all the stitches and techniques involved in making one of the needlelace flowers in this design. Also featured in issue 150.

Running time: 1hr 42mins

Coming soon!