VW Camper & Commercial 132 (published: 28/09/2018) 132 October 2018

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vw-camper-and-commercial-Issue 132

132 October 2018

Before we tell you about this month's issue; 

We have to tell you all that we finally managed to drag David Echo Eccles out of his comfort zone, surrounded by old vans, and stand him in a field in front of a band at Camper Calling!
"It's been a while..."says he.
It turns out that the last time was actually in 1972, and the bands he saw included Jefferson Airplane & Led Zeppelin.
"I can't believe how many Jam songs I know..." he was heard to mumble.
A fun time was had by all, but the report won't be in the mag for a month or two.

In the meantime, we have our long awaited Camper Jam supplement, which is well worth a quick read and a good long look at all the buses & folk in the pictures.

There are some cracking buses in the magazine this month, including a totally mental 1969 custom Bay which harks back to the '70's and the era of mad styling. It has Moon-eye Speedmaster wheels and striking two tone paint. And it has five opening Safari style windows. Two on each side and one at the rear. We’ve never seen that on a Bay before! 

There's also a 1967 Panel Van which couples stealth camping with a proper Porsche 911 engine conversion that puts out 230bhp. There's only a large bore tail pipe to give the game away. 

A Q car amongst Q cars!

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