VW Camper & Commercial 130 (published: 27/07/2018) 130 August 2018

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vw-camper-and-commercial-Issue 130

130 August 2018

This month's issue includes the highly amusing comedy of errors suffered by a couple at the hands of their recovery company, when the brakes failed on their T3 road-trip to Germany! 

There are also three Westfalia’s: A 1967 SO 42 in its original Pearl White and with all the interior cabinet work and fittings intact, a 1971 Campmobile that epitomises how much care and attention owners take getting things exactly right – the only way to source a missing glovebox was to buy another '71 bay! The only non-stock upgrades have been the fitting of a 1776 motor and Freeway Flyer box. Similar modifications have also been carried out on a second '71 Campmobile but as well as engine & gearbox mods, this one also features a Weedeater beam and Red9 rear discs. There's also a rare RHD 1967 with the optional sliding door, a T3 Leisuredrive Hightop camper, and just to prove you are never too old to camp, our final offering is a brand new Cherry Red T6, bought by a couple in their '70s to tour around Europe.

The summer show season is well under way and we check out Bus Stopover, [email protected] and Avoncroft. We also meet up with a young couple spending time living and travelling in their Adventurewagen; they have already spent six months in France and Spain and are currently en route to Scandinavia.

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