VW Camper & Commercial 127 (published: 27/04/2018) 127 May 2018

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vw-camper-and-commercial-Issue 127

VW Camper & Commercial 127

Finding an old bus in a barn is the stuff of VW legend, but that’s exactly what we have this issue with a 63 Kombi that had been standing in a French barn for over 25 years. Rescued and restored, it now bears no resemblance to the dusty rusty bus it had become. The 1967 Canterbury Pitt feature is a very different story, restored in 1998 it was a daily driver until its owner died in 2016 – it has stayed with the family however as the son has taken on guardianship. Whilst there are a fair number of Split Pick Ups on the road, its less common to see Bay versions, especially one with original pint and signwriting so you can imagine how pleased we were when the 1969 Doka feature arrived on our desk! Our other Bay is what you might call a work in progress and whilst this former Devon Camper may not win awards for the most original or most pristine Bay, it simply oozes with well-used and well-loved character. And talking of character check out the very bright T3 this month - the term Flower Power springs to mind when you see this T3 coming your way! No stealth camping here! Finally this month is a T5 with a tale of woe, getting this former T5 Shuttle looking like it is now with two tone paint and glass sunroof has been a long and painful (and costly) road for its owner.

The show scene has not had a good start with at least six events cancelled or post-phoned already, even Bus Types has been affected. The weather and waterlogged fields is the main culprit. Let’s hope the summer does not bring more of this! To whet your appetite for the months ahead however check out all the lovely VWs filling the streets of Ninove.

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