VW Camper & Commercial 126 (published: 30/03/2018) 126 April 2018

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vw-camper-and-commercial-issue 126

VW Camper & Commercial 126

That's it. Winter is finally over, it's the Easter weekend and I shall be nipping out for a celebratory pint - or five!


It's time to fine tune the holiday plans and organise a summer of Volkswagen based fun.

And to get you in that summer mood, we have a crop of bright sunny buses to bring some warmth into your life. 'Orange Crush' is a '67 non sunroof Deluxe, it's had a ground up restoration and features air ride, a 1915cc engine, Cookie Cutters and 90% of the work was done by its owner. Then there is a bright yellow ’76 Swagman conversion which has had over 100,000 Australian dollars spent to bring it to how it to looks now with a killer 2.7 litre/160 bhp engine. With old style shows morphing into big festivals, it’s good to see the Slough Swapmeet bucking the trend and sticking with old-school parts and a swapmeet ethos instead of filling a hall with boy racer Lupos and Sunday Market stalls. In total contrast we also cover Dubs of Anarchy – an unusual mix of 'adult' entertainments and things for the kids to do, which seemed to be popular with all those who attended.


There's four more buses, three more shows, tales of Dubbing down under and all the regulars too.

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