VW Camper 148 February 2020 (published: 29/01/2020) 148 February 2020

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VWCamper issue 148 cover

148 February 2020

If slamming and patina are your things, this is the issue for you.


Check out the 1970 Westy Campmobile. This features some totally serious tubbing and sits so low you could sweep your garage floor with it. 

Less radical is the mild custom makeover on the 1989 Caravelle; one of only six Carat models exported to Canada, it has been obsessively restored, the attention to detail is staggering and although it is not 100% stock, it is very, very subtly improved rather than customised. 

This month’s T4 is a homebuilt, specifically designed for surfing, with waterproof front seats, board storage and cheery, basic, almost rustic furniture - and big wheels! 

Our other Bay is a 1971 Australian crossover, fully restored in Birch Green and fitted with a contemporary twist of late Moonraker style interior it still sports its original Sopru roof. 

There's a classic, stock SO 42 oozing with period charm and detail. 

And finally is our film star – a 1957 psychedelic Panel Van painted specifically for use in ‘Getting Wasted’, a film about the 60’s made back in 1980. 

Forty years on the bus still has its original props department paint job, 

We also look back, reminding ourselves how good shows like Busfest, Tatton Park and Dubs in the Valley were last year.

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