VW Camper 146 December 2019 (published: 30/11/2019) 146 December 2019

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VW Camper Issue 146

VW Camper 146 December 2019

So this is Christmas

And what have you done

Another Brexit deadline over

And a new one just begun...


Ho! Ho! Ho! - What a fiasco it's all become.


This year’s special Christmas edition has something for everyone, custom, stock and Brazilian!

There's a T4 that took Best In Class (1968 > Buses) at Stanford Hall, known for its meticulous award of concours points for stock & originality. This Reimo conversion, owned from new, ticked all the boxes for the judges! Our Festive T3 may not really have been a Special Edition, but it certainly looks like it should have been a 'Wolfsburg SE' if such a thing existed. 

The merest glance at the 1958 Ambulance feature will immediately tell you why is called 'Slambo' and two very different customs include a Turquoise Bay with lots of shiny chrome and dials & switches. And a 1966 SO 42, resplendent in Yellow and Black with lots of electronic trickery like keyless ignition, cruise control, central locking and custom lights. Finally for this year, a real Christmas treat – a Brazilian built 'hybrid' 15 window, 9 seater microbuses with a Bay front end and a corner window Deluxe Split rear. 

If like me, you've finished your shopping, wrapped your gifts, written your cards and met your deadline, it's time for a gentle snooze in front of the telly until next year!

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