VW Camper 145 November 2019 (published: 26/10/2019) 145 November 2019

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VW Camper 145 November 2019

Original paint and patina always attract special attention these days, and we have two really lovely examples this issue. The sun – bleached 1963 Sundial Camper takes a traditional custom rod styling route with narrowed beam, straight axle kit, Porsche brakes and 1956cc performance motor. The slammed 1970 patina’d Bay however takes things to a whole new level (literally) – created in the Slambassador Quirkshop it features a 4½ inch body drop with a narrowed front beam raised by 7 inches! Mixing stock and custom styling, a restored 1959 Panel Van follows the US Cal Look /street rod bus tradition; as well as a fresh new coat of Dove Blue paint, it features 4” narrowed beam, flipped drop spindles and a straight axle conversion at the rear. Open the cargo doors however, and you step straight into a wild west saloon! Yeeha! In contrast, if stock and unmessed with is your thing, then check out the 1969 Devon Torvette with its original interior; the Torvette was only available from 1968 – 70, so finding one still in original condition was very lucky indeed. Our T3 offering this month is a former Caravelle used as a shuttle bus in the Wolfsburg factory before being passed onto the German Red Cross for use as a Katastrophenschuzwagen; still in original paint and with its original flashing lights and sirens, it only needed the DRK livery and signwriting re-doing to look exactly as did it when in use years ago. Rounding off this month’s features we have Dubs Collective’s striking purple and white T5 custom camper, used for work, rest and play, as a bus should be.

Show-wise we take in three shows in one day at So-Cal week, and, closer to home, visit Old Friends Air Cooled Only, Endless Summer, Dubs at the Castle and Kent VW. Then we head off down under for a tour of Tasmania in a T3. Plus all the regulars to keep you going as winter approaches.

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