VW Camper September 2019 (published: 31/08/2019) 143 September 2019

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VW Camper September 2019


At camper we just love finding new things, and our T3 feature this issue is exactly - a Mobitel camper, built in Germany. Featuring a GRP high roof and GRP clad interior this is certainly something quite different, and one glance at the photos quickly reveals why the owner calls it Big Red! And sticking with something big and different, check out the T5 Retro Tourer, which combines sleek, classic curvy retro looks, a vehicle equipped for modern driving conditions and a spacious, well – appointed, contemporary interior. Looking at the featured lovely orange Bay custom camper, it’s hard to believe this was originally an ambulance, which was used in Estonia. Now sporting a Subaru 2 litre engine, power steering conversion, and an orange interior colour matched to the body – very striking. Our other Bay feature is also very distinctive, finished in the 1974/5 one year only colour Yosemite Yellow the owner has set about creating a Special Edition black out chrome look as used on 1974 Special Edition Bugs. Both our Split Bus features however take a more traditional period approach, with a tin top SO 42, sympathetically restored but keeping all its original features and a 1966 Microbus, repainted in the classic Mango Green / Seagull Grey colour scheme and fitted with a beautifully finished LHD Devon interior, which was pieced together from three tatty Devon interiors!

Show wise we go international this issue with the hardcore vintage Bad Camberg meet, showcasing some of the oldest and rarest VWs, America’s biggest camp out, Buses by the Bridge, Camper Jam – a full on festival offering an amazing array of activities and buses of all generations and Stonor Park, which caters for all things with a VW badge.

Enjoy summer with your buses!


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