VW Camper & Commercial Issue 141 (published: 29/06/2019) 141 July 2019

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VW Camper & Commercial Issue 141

VW Camper & Commercial Issue 141

Stock appearance with bespoke interiors is a common thread across three of our feature buses this month. First up is an original paint and patina 1962 15 window Deluxe. Open the side-loading doors of this classic however and you're in for a big and very welcome surprise – a Devon interior but configured for LHD. A 1970 former Microbus, used as a people carrier by UNICEF in Karachi, looks bone stock on the outside after a meticulous restoration but its inside has been given a practical and stylish camping interior; likewise a 1970 Campmobile, repainted in its original Pastel White, exudes period charm from the outside but inside is a very special interior handcrafted in cherrywood. Paint finish or colour are the common denominators in our other three feature buses: distinctive Lime Green certainly makes the T4 stand out from the crowd – and is the reason why its new owner decided to buy it; in total contrast is our T3 Rat, with its faded patina look. Lastly is the Light Bus – an icon from the original Woodstock Festival and one of the first ever buses to be given a psychedelic paint job. But this is no random design - symbols and designs taken from many cultures interlock to tell a story about cosmic consciousness (this was 1968 remember). The original bus is long gone, but the original artist has perfectly recreated the artwork on a similar 1962 Kombi, which is going back to Woodstock for the 50th Anniversary celebrations this August. Far out man (it’s years since I said that!).

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