VW Camper & Commercial 136 (published: 27/01/2019) 136 February 2019

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VW Camper Issue 136 front cover

136 February 2019

February - a month too far!



As usual we've another fine crop of buses for you inside the new issue.


And yes, we even have a totally original, actual barn find! A '65 RHD Pick Up that was originally owned by a farmer and parked up in a real barn when the engine suffered big end seizure and was left untouched for almost a quarter of a century. 


There's also two previous Camper Jam winners. The custom '68 Bay that was Runner Up Best In Show 2018 and the yellow 21 window custom Split that won an award in 2017. Interestingly both are now powered by Subaru engines. The amount of work and detail that has gone into both these buses is outstanding.


In a curious reversal of the 'Want to sell that bus, mate?' syndrome we have the curious tale of a guy who was followed home in his Squareback one day and asked if he wanted to buy a Bay! 


Now it's time to get yourself out, onto the motorway and over to Telford where the Camper Mart show will be taking place on the third of February. This relatively new show has been criticised in the past for being far too biased towards the watercooled buses. We've taken that on board and have made great efforts to try to redress the balance back towards traditional aircooled buses.

It's indoors, it's warm, what else is there to do this time of year? 

Don't write it off, give it another go. 

See you there.


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