VW Camper (published: 30/03/2019) 138 April 2019

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VW Camper 138 April 2019

So much for Brexit then. Still, it's not been all bad news, if nothing else, I have accumulated a years supply of pasta and olive oil...


So much for winter as well. The weather this past couple of weeks has been a shocker, but the clocks spring forward at the weekend, the old bus will be back on the road and we're going to declare summer finally here.

This month's issue has a couple of stories about electric Volkswagens, which is likely to become the future of motoring for the masses, but there are also a half dozen examples of fossil fuelled VW fun including a 2.5 litre Subaru powered T3 panelvan, a real stealth camper with an interior you do not expect when opening the sliding door! 

If stock is more your thing, however, check out the '71 Campmobile. Some might say the pursuit of originality has taken preference over usability, but this is a proper, very original potential concours winner. Then there's a gorgeous Australian Kombi that has been owned by the same owner for 22 years! And a sign written '57 RCA Victor TV service van, a perfect example of original patina and 'preserve not restore'. 


Whatever VW you drive, it's time to dust it off and get out there into the wild blue yonder.


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