VWBus T4&5+ Issue 94 (issue: Issue 94)

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VWBUS Issue 94 cover

Issue 94

Fab Feb
In the magazine this month, we have some seriously cool buses for you.
Stitches + Steels’ “Fire Truck” successfully crosses the boundary between ‘patina”
and ‘fauxtina’, in that the front end is genuinely fire damaged, it just wasn’t on this
bus when it happened. Going up we have an unusual Swamper called Alice, whilst
going down we have So Low’s stunning demo bus and boy is it low for a static drop.
Van Haven have shared their Chrome yellow Haven 6 TT Kombi with us and
Volkspec have similarly revealed their ‘Marine’ inspired camper. The final place in
our line-up is taken by an unusual Petrol VR6 twin slider ex-Caravelle Camper. The
winner of our prestigious Bus Of The Year competition is revealed. You didn’t think I
was going to tell you who won here, did you? Oh no you’ll need to buy a copy to find
out… Of course, when you do, you’ll also be able to read about Steve’s trip to the
Highland Games in his T4 and Ryan Sivyer’s journey to the furthest corners of
Eastern Europe in a new California. Then there’s Busfest and Party In The Park and
much, much more…

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