VWBus T4&5+ Issue 90 (issue: Issue 90)

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IVWBus T4&5+ Issue 90

Whatever The Weather

October… October! How on earth is it October? Good job we did a load of our
shoots back in the summer. Take our first feature bus Dave Ellis’s stunning black T5
looks at home on the beach at sunset. Our second feature Andy Hall’s grey T4 and
T4 trailer carries on the watery theme with a lovely lakeside shoot. If I’m honest,
Stuart Clark’s white T5 shoot was way more industrial and a little overcast, luckily
Stuart’s bus lights up the pictures. Our fourth feature is Derek Voak’s super cool off-
road T4, shot at Penshurst Place in Kent on another overcast day. This bus would
look cool at the bottom of a muddy puddle, which is exactly where we would have
been, if only it had rained! Bus five is Phil Andrews’ red high top T5 even though the
bus is tall enough from certain angles to blot out the sun, you will see the shoot took
place on a beautiful sunny summer’s day. Our sixth and final feature this month is the
Slambassabor’s T4 coachbuilt dubbed The Slamper. The shoot took place at
Slambassadors HQ, a place so quirky that no one remembers what the weather was
like, the bus is cooler than cool though. Dan and Harriet are nearing the end of their
Australian exploration the weather was ace as expected, so, as we have come to
expect, was the photography. Carol and Andreas left Dublin and headed to the Alps
at Easter, where you won’t be surprised to discover there was snow all around. Add
to this all the normal show reports, shop tours, regular columns, news and new
products and you have an issue to remind you of the summer just passed and a host
of hot T4s and T5s.

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