VWBus T4&5+ Issue 87 (issue: Issue 87)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 87

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 87

I’m pretty sure we have something for everyone this month. Two of the buses
are really ‘Out There’ style-wise. On the other hand, two of the other buses look
stock on the outside, although both are in fact slightly modded and one of them is
anything but stock inside. Of the remaining two, both have stylish camper interiors,
one is a Lowdown aficionado, the other has a penchant for stunning graphics. So, in
order, feature one really is something out of the ordinary, Dirty Weekenders’ grassy
camper, I’m not going to describe it, you’ll just have to by a copy to find out for
yourself. Feature two is another bus with a unique style, John Power’s Rat-
Steampunk-Mad Max T4 really is in a class of its own. Feature three, Ritch
Shandley’s cool T6, is an aired-out sump scraper of the highest, or should that be
lowest order (?). Feature four is a stunning Sage green T4 Caravelle owned by Dean
Dyoss, we fell in love with its lightly modded simplicity at Camper Mart earlier in the
year. Feature five is Paul and Zoe Carson’s Reflex silver T5, but that’s only half the
story, an unusual interior layout and a striking set of graphics make this bus stand
out from the crowd. Feature six has another unusual layout, a transverse u-shaped
seating arrangement and a kitchen behind the rear bulkhead, all encased in the
deceptively stock (ish) looking exterior of an early T4. Elsewhere inside the covers,
Adam has been to Brands Hatch for the Heritage takeover and to Suffolk for the
Dublogic show. Steve went to Wardlow for Derbyshire Dubs and Leicestershire for
an open day at Jack’s Shack. Whilst Simon went to Swindon to visit Trevetts for a
shop tour, before heading over to Moore’s Campers in South Gloucestershire to
learn “How To” fit a Fiamma F45 wind out awning. Harriet and Dan have met up with
some friends on the Australian odyssey, unfortunately those same friends have
rented a Toyota… Should you have the good sense to buy a copy you will also get
the chance to win one of Forty Winks’ fantastic Bike Stations.
You can buy a copy from this website, you can get a copy from your newsagents,
you can even get a digital version from Zinio, so what’s stopping you?

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