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Issue 78

Trick Or Treat?

We’ve gone full on Camper Jam this month. Issue 78 comes with a sixteen-page supplement jam packed with pictures from the show. You should check this out you might be in there. Did we charge you for all this extra pictorial loveliness? No, we did not! Our second helping of Camper Jam comes in the form of a show report inside the covers of the regular magazine, best check that out too, you might be in there as well.

Putting Camper Jam to one side for a minute, Halloween is later in the month, so of course, we have taken the opportunity to include a devilishly good bus! And I will now use this opportunity to cram in some Halloween gags into the text. 

So firstly, let’s deal with our Halloween flavoured bus. Owner, Helen ‘Spooky’ Moore, may not be a witch, but she is “a lady not afraid to stand out from the crowd”. One off pentagram wheels, some spooky artwork both inside and out, some ‘Hellfire devil skulls’ hydro-dipping and a bit of satanic accessorising really set this bus apart. Trick or treat? Definitely treat. 

Steven ‘Mad Dog’ Massey’s red T5 camper is quite unusual in that it has a full, down the side kitchen, but is a twin slider. Converted by Buspoke, (or should that be Busspook?), it has a neat trick in that the sink and burner combo is mounted on a hinge and can be swung out the slider for alfresco cooking (and washing up obviously).  Trick or treat? Trick obviously! 

The final T5 is Matt ‘Hell Raiser’ Hill’s police van, not an ex-police van, but a lowdown camper decked out in replica Swedish police Battenberg decals. Trick or treat? Do I really need to say Trick?  

‘Mad’ Mike and ‘Scary’ Sue Duffield’s much loved T4 is also a camper this time converted by Not Just Campers. They’ve taken to the VW scene like a vampire to a blood bank. Trick or treat? Treat, most definitely. 

Our final T4 is Berni ‘Wolfman’ Woods’ Ultimate panel van, built by his Ultimate Transporters stable. Using the Porsche resto-mod kings Singer as his inspiration, he has re-imagined this T4 to perfection. Trick or Treat? Treat, with bells on. 

Our last bus is very scary, at least it is according to photographer Andrew ‘Scaredy Pants’ Thompson. This fire-breathing, 520bhp Golf TSI engined Caddy, was built by Richard ‘Warlock’ Milton at Caddyworks, and it scared the pants off the previously mentioned snapper when he was passengering on some private land somewhere in deepest Cornwall. Trick or Treat? Both!

As always, there is much more between the covers of this issue but buying it will be the only way to find out exactly what. Of course, if you want a real treat, getting a subscription would do the trick.

Alan ‘Axeman’ Hayward 

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