VWBus T4&5+ Issue 75 (issue: Issue 75)

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Issue 75

Vive La Difference!

We like a bit of variety here at VW Bus and we’ve pulled out all the stops for the features this month. Let me explain what I mean: We will be scraping the underside of bridges with Luke Wilkes’ high-top T4. He bought it and built it as a gift for his mum, but it didn’t stop him from adding heaps of cool and unusual touches. Also, in the issue, we’ll be scraping sumps with Danny Hope, whose bagged T5 may have a minimal interior but as it was designed to carry Moto-X bikes you’d expect nothing more. Then there’s Paul Sewel’s ratted T4 full of quirky individual ideas as all rule breaking Rats should be. Compare this to Rolling Homes’ ‘Livingstone’ demo bus, again this is far from the standard conversion, with twin beds and a rear kitchen, but it’s so new when you open the pages you can almost smell that new van aroma. Two buses that do share something in common are Steve Collis’ cream T4 and Craig and Carla Kincaid’s white T6. Both have full-width beds and have abandoned the regular kitchen down the side conversion. Steve’s is a weekend and festival camper with a kitchen pod, but Craig and Carla are marching to the beat of a different drum. Refusing to fit in any of the previous epithets, monikers, and appellations, they’ve declared their van to be a tourer. A long-distance cruiser, that retains the ability to enable the odd overnighter, with a rock and roll bed and a pop-top. Elsewhere in the magazine Hélène is en route to the Croatian coast and Anne is heading to The Netherlands for a Steam Festival in Dordrecht. Simon goes to Dubs At The Mill in Somerset and David visits Stanford Hall in Oxfordshire. Tradition dictates that I now tell you that there is of course much more in this issue, but that you have to buy one, or better yet subscribe, to find out what. And if there’s one thing we like more than variety, its tradition…

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