VWBus T4&5+ Issue 135 (issue: Issue 135)

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VWBUS135 front cover

Issue 135

So what’s in store for this issue? Our first bus is a reincarnation and development of a T5.1 we have featured before and although some of the external colours are carried over, it is almost unrecognisable. Our second Transporter, a T6.1 is that rarest of things, a pink Doka, so rare in fact we’ve never seen or heard of another. Tell me if I’m wrong. Our third bus is a T4 from a serial converter. John Power’s latest creation is as unique as all of its predecessors, and although they are all different, they all share John’s vision of what a T4 should look like. Bus four, just to keep things as varied as possible, is a high top T5, this one won the Best Contemporary Bus at Camper Mart earlier this year. Our fifth feature bus is another unusual T4, although the interior is clearly modified, it does nothing to prepare you for the world of wonder inside. Finally our sixth bus is a self-built Crafter, reasonably standard outside barring a few decals, again it is the interior that stands out, this one subtly designed to meet the needs and tastes of its owners. 


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