VWBus T4&5+ Issue 132 (issue: Issue 132)

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VW Bus Issue 132

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 132

Issue 132

ON SALE: 12th April 

As always, the magazine is packed with six of the most excellent buses, including a
couple of converted T6s, one of which set out to be very different and another whose
aim was to be unconditionally elegant. There's an utterly palatial T5 and a couple of
custom T4s; one is white, the other is anything but. There's even a badge engineered
Crafter photographed in the snow. We've a show report from Yorkshire Pop Tops, a
tale of terror amongst the crowds at Whitby's Goth weekend and our regular mixed
selection of travel stories which begins with a holiday in Welsh Wales. Then there's
part seven of Mark and Nicky Green's continuing European tour and a humdinger of
an account from a couple who thought it might make things easier if they just moved
into their T6 between exchanging contracts and completion of their house purchase.
To be honest, this wouldn't have made for much more than an anecdote, had they
not had to spend FOURTEEN weeks touring, whilst solicitors dragged their feet and
every problem known to home purchasers everywhere, raised its ugly head at least

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