VWBus T4&5+ Issue 122 (issue: Issue 122)

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VW Bus Issue 122

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 122

“Come, and take a choice of all my library” as the Bard once said. Had he worked
here at VW Bus, he would doubtless have gone on to say… ‘This month we really
have an excellently wide selection drawn from the Transporter world. The first bus is
Tash and Kep Sparick’s amazing T4 Coachbuilt, turn the pages, you’ll see what I
mean! I freely admit it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but this is what VW life is all
about, wonderful! The second bus is Simon Harris’s red T5, with an unusual layout it
was built to his spec as a place to stay, whilst working away from home. Third out of
the traps is Toby Stowe’s ‘Light Ivory’ T6, no stranger to these pages, Toby’s TSI
panel is something out of the ordinary masked in a beige cloak. The fourth bus is
Steve Soanes’ black Crafter, previously converted, Steve has been developing it to
suit his and his partner Michelle’s needs. Our fifth feature is Russell Dean’s self-build
T5 camper, his bonnet, although wildly different to Tash and Kep’s bus, is
nevertheless a work of art. Finally, Shaun Crake shares his rare T6.1 Sportline Black
edition, a future collectable?’

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