VWBus T4&5+ Issue 110 (issue: Issue 110)

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VWBus issue 110 front cover

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 110

Jumping June

June is here and with it comes another jam-packed issue of Transporter based fun.
Bus- wise we have two Swampers, one from Knights Custom Conversions and one
self-built by an F1 engineer. Two T4s, both lowered and both developed for their
owners’ needs. The remaining two are T5s, both are campers, one orange and
airbrushed, the other turquoise and not. All six are fine examples of their type and
worthy additions to the VW Bus panoply of Transporter features. Mike and his
camper are retracing the steps of his favourite novel ‘3 men in a boat’, Richard and
Jackie are still in France in theirs, but things are about to change. Plus, we sent the
‘Man in the wrong van’ to Wales in his ageing Bay. There is, as always, a whole lot
more and buying a copy will reveal all.

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