VWBus T4&5+ Issue 107 (issue: Issue 107)

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VW Bus issue 107 front cover

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 107

Beware The Rides Of March

Because this month all the rides we feature are hot!
The first scorching bus belongs to Fleming Skou from Denmark, a T5 more bronzed
and beautiful has never been seen. How can Josh Thomas’s white works van be a
hot ride I hear you ask? Chuck in some custom touches from Projektzwo and Josh’s
own style and practicality and you’ll see. Our third bus belongs to James Hamilton
from Scotland and paradoxically it could be said that it’s the ICE inside that makes
this one sizzle. Russ Walker’s ‘Nintendub’ is our third boiling hot bus, gamer themed
and ready for Mario Cart, but only on the console fitted inside, obviously. Bus five,
owned by Simon Gilroy of JNC Bespoke Campers might be jet black with green
highlights, but that doesn’t stop it being red-hot; this is a stunner. Finally bus six, Dan
Macefield’s grey number is no less scorching, sizzling, boiling or red hot than the
others, but we’re running out of synonyms, so you’ll have to take it from us that this is
just as oven ready as its five predecessors. The point we’re trying to make here is
that there are some seriously good buses in this issue, along with five, yes five, travel
features, two industry insights, a How To guide, a Dub Club, some product tests and
reviews, news, new products, Reader’s Rides and, well, there’s loads, it’s packed!

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