VWBus T4&5+ Issue 120 (issue: Issue 120)

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Issue 120

On sale 13th April

According to the blessed Bard, ‘April hath put the spirit of youth in everything’, which
all sounds very positive, for the campers amongst us he talks of ‘The uncertain glory
of an April day’, which is a fair point, then there’s whole load of stuff about Titania
and Oxlips which need not detain us here… Back in the world of Transporters in
print, this month we have another packed issue. As usual we feature six very
different buses drawn from across the country. Alan’s been busy with visits to CMC
and the NEC, Jim’s been out on his bike in Malvern and the Lake District, Grant’s
been on the roof of his van, Simon has been to a Valentine’s camp out, the
Barefooted one has been to the New Forest, before returning to Barefoot Towers to
fire up his barbecue for some Greek Lamb Kebabs, Oli has been surfing, whilst our
two historical experts have stayed at home. David has been contemplating the new
ID. Buzz, and Richard took a look at how VW promoted the then new T4 Caravelle
and pondered a Pink Split Screen bus from the past. There is of course much more,
so grab a copy and get turning those pages.

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