VWBus T4&5+ Issue 117 (issue: Issue 117)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 117

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 117

When icicles hang by the wall” as Shakespeare once wrote. But what did he knoweth about Transporters? Nothing methinks. So, brushing the Bard to one side, this month, we feature six amazing buses. We’re going to set the bar high for the year ahead; with a lovely budget build T4 that looks anything but; a stunning slammed black T5; another T5 that’s seriously quick and green in both colour and credentials; an amazing chameleon colour changing T6; a two-tone T6 from relative newcomers Buckettz Dubz and finally a cavernous race-bus Crafter. Add to these three show reports, two travel features, a product review, my predictions for the year ahead, an update on Grant’s latest build, a new heritage bus article and a new columnist along with all the regulars and we’re left with just one thing to say. 

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