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Issue 79

Spain, Australia and Redcar…


Since its inception the travel and lifestyle articles have always been a very popular and important part of the magazine. Issue 77 sees the end of our peripatetic triathlete and van dweller Héléne Rossiter’s European odyssey. She’s heading for the ferry at Bilbao and checking out northern Spain along the way. It seems only fitting that this issue should therefore see the start of another epic journey. Step forward photographers, Harriet Carpenter and Dan Ingram, who over the next few months will share their year long tour of Australia. Unpromisingly, they start the journey in a Nissan X-Trail of all things! But they soon come to their senses and return to base to convert a T5 specifically for their journey.


In fact, this month sees a double helping of Dan and Harriet as when they returned to the UK, they carried out a stunning conversion on a T4 and we feature that here too. They are a couple with many talents: photographers, bloggers, travel junkies, upholsterers, plumbers, electricians and of course, carpenters. They should probably convert vans for a living…  


Other features in this issue include Jason Williams’ award winning Friesian green T4 fantasy with a matching hound hauler. The interior of Jason’s conversion is as stunning as the exterior. Then there’s Skippy Seabourne’s Steampunk’d Crafter, another trophy winning van, this one treads the fine line between a themed van and madness very well indeed. Paul Hatton’s stylish blue T5 camper has a few feminine touches, courtesy of his partner, Sam Brown, and is all the better for it. So burly and girly all rolled into one neat package. Andy Kelly’s black T5 is similarly smart, but with an altogether more monochrome feel and stickered by the Lowdown gang, it is cool as. Finally, there’s Sarah Burley’s T6 this one converted by Chilli Jam Vans, it carries their simple, colourful DNA in its subtle white Sportline exterior.


Elsewhere in this issue, Steve went to Volkspower held in a sweltering Redcar last July and his review is included here. Similarly, Simon went to Dubtoberfest held at the race course in Cheltenham also in July. The weather wasn’t as kind, but this popular show reigned supreme nevertheless. Of our columnists, the gruesome threesome; the Chef is punning with cakes and making Dub Parkin, Alan is concerned about his weight, well the weight of the Big Bus anyway and David is in Brighton for The Breeze.


Anymore? You betcha! But, in time honoured fashion you’ll need to get a copy. Get yourself down to the newsagent from 14th November to grab a copy, of course subscribers get it from the 8th, something to think about…

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