VWBus T4&5+ Issue 72 (issue: Issue 72)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 72

Buses and Pluses

VW Bus Magazine T4 and T5+, that’s our name so let’s be guided by that this month. T4s in issue 72 are as follows. Matt Redfern, serial car and van builder, up-cycler and the man behind Split-66 shows us his matte white Swamper with an interior that wouldn’t look out of place in a sub-basement bar situated somewhere south of 14th Street in Downtown Manhattan. Yep you are going to want to see that one… Our second T4 is Mark Smith-Hawker’s black camper, it is immaculate and deceptively simple, and all the better for it. The third and final T4 is another elegantly simple camper, with a great (Audi) blue-grey paint job and a Golf Mk7 inspired interior. Three very different but stylish T4s. T5s next. Firstly Lee Beddoes’, grey and green example has an unusual interior layout and a Karaoke bar under the tailgate, no really it does! Next is another two-tone van, Richard Carter’s example is brown and white metallic and slammed to Lowdown Transporter’s satisfaction levels. 

Now the pluses and there are a lot!  First Wessex Vans astonishing 450bhp+ TSI engine T6R+. It looks great, it sounds amazing, and it goes like the proverbial off a garden implement. The pictures and story are worth the cover price alone. Plus, Andrew has cruise control fitted to his T4 and explains ‘How To’ before telling us about his visits to Vanwest and Bristol Volksfest last year (that’s three pluses right there!). Plus, Adam Howard heads to ‘Wales In Winter’ and tells us all about it. Plus, Hélène our T5 dwelling GB tri-athlete is in Slovenia. Plus, Alan comes over all technical with an Anti-Friction treatment from Faher, before telling us all about another new styling product. Plus, David is heading to the scrap yard while Steve heads to the kitchen for a Chapatti. There are still loads of other pluses, but as usual I’m running out of space to tell you about them. One final plus I must mention though is the competition for ten lucky readers to win something from the Rear Bumper Protector range.

So, if you have a T4, a T5 or a T6 in your life, plus you want some Transporter based information, education and amusementation, get yourself a copy, better yet a subscription…

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