VWBus T4&5+ Issue 114 (issue: Issue 114)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 114

October brings with it an autumnal feel to the weather, but the buses featured are as
bright and sunny as ever. T6s are represented by a beautiful camper conversion by
T-Spoke, and a lovely multifunction camper/kombi/shuttle built by the owner. The T5s
come in the form of a white camper on air-ride - this time for practical as well as
coolness reasons and a hairdressing salon on wheels, no really, it is! Based on a T5
Bluebird coach/minibus this thing is way, way, way out there! Finally, for the T4s we
have a truly exceptional panel van restoration inspired by an old brochure and a
coachbuilt Compass Navigator, also the subject of a ‘retro’ resto. Elsewhere new
freelancer Haimish Mead begins his first trip in a borrowed and fundamentally
unconverted T5, David Haze tells us about a SUP mission taken in a hired T5, Jim
borrows yet another van, this time a T6 to hit the mountain bike trails with his mates,
and the ‘man in the wrong van’ goes to Looe with most of his gears and returns with
even less. 

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