VWBus T4&5+ Issue 111 (issue: Issue 111)

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VWBus Issue 111 front cover

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 111

Jubilant July

Summertime and the buses are (bright and) breezy! This month’s six-pack of
splendour contains two T6s, one designed for the ski run, the other with a modern
retro feel and a touch of airbrushing. Then there are two T4s, one a pretty much
stock Multivan, the other is another with a retro feel, courtesy of some ace stripe
work. Next there is an arty T5, drawn to perfection and finally a Crafter, there’s no
better way to describe it, than a ‘big green camping machine’. Mike concludes his
Thames-side sojourn, the ‘Man With The Wrong Van’ headed east to Southwold, Jim
investigates the link between bikes and buses and Steve reviews the Camper Site
event. There is, as ever, much, much more, and buying a copy is the way to find out
exactly what.

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