VWBus T4&5+ Issue 106 (issue: Issue 106)

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VWBUS issue 106 front cover

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 106

Huckleberry February

This month we have, what we think are the perfect or ‘Huckleberry’ buses for the
month. In order of appearance, they are, Jamie Beaver’s Hot Wheels conversion,
created in the first lockdown, so a great feature for the third one. Next is Chris
Cooper’s T4 and custom articulated T4 trailer, a TV star from Channel 4’s ‘Amazing
Spaces’ and the perfect antidote for our current Covidity. Then there’s Dan
Middleton’s T5, the interior of which features the battle between two beasts, an
Octopus and a Kraken, no better way to reference the struggle inside of each of us at
present… Can this analogy stretch any further I hear you ask? Well, Richy Price’s T4
named the ‘Rusty Sloth’ suggests the lethargy that some of us are experiencing, so I
guess it can for just a little longer. Chris Newell’s Jack Daniels inspired creation
definitely hints at the increased alcohol consumption some have faced. Finally, Jamie
Sharratt’s stunning Caddy is used every day for his decorating business, when you
see the pictures, you’ll find that hard to believe! There has been a fair bit of
decorating and renovation going on during the various lockdowns, so we’ve
successfully, if a little tenuously stretched the analogy to the extreme! However, here
at VW Bus, we feel the magazine is the perfect antidote to any pandemic blues you
may have, as its jammed full of inspirational buses and travel features and the Bus
Of The Year winner is revealed in this issue to name just three things inside the

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