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VW Bus T4 and 5 Issue 92 cover

Issue 92

Christmas Cracker

Well Christmas is finally upon us and a lot of people use the time to reflect on the
year just passed. We could have done that; we could have filled the issue with a
rehash of 2019 and knocked off early. But where’s the fun in that? Instead we’ve
doubled down and brought you an issue jam packed with new stuff.
I’ll admit that our Bus Of The Year competition starts in this issue and that does deal
with our favourite buses of 2019. But that’s hardly a rehash, it’s more a celebration of
excellence. Besides, that’s only two pages, the other 98 are as fresh as the other
side of the pillow.
So, here’s what we have for you: T4-wise we have the coolest school bus out there,
Lee Gambling’s T4 Doka, the whole school bus thing will become clear when you
read the article. Then there’s a super rare (only four in the UK rare) Karmann
Colorado Edition owned by Lee Barlow. Our third T4 is Chis Dunkley’s smooth and
shiny self-built camper. On the T5 front we have Stephen Davies’ Madagascar
orange camper, built for a mountain biker who wants to abandon his tent. We follow
this up with Steve Passmore’s self-built purple camper, it’s a real head turner.
Speaking of head turners, we also bring you Andy Stretton’s jaw dropping TSI T6 in
Grape yellow. It’s our cover bus and my pick for Bus Of The Year.
Elsewhere in this box fresh issue you will find Anne’s mum flying with a Spitfire, I
know that doesn’t sound very likely, but read the article and all will become clear.
Adam went to the beach for a kite buggy, land yacht and blokart event, think speed
adrenalin, summer and ‘Beach Vibes’. Steve recalls his weekend at Camper Calling
and while we’re in full summer mode, Simon reports on a day spent at Beach Dubbin
on the south coast.
We didn’t entirely ignore Christmas though and the Chef cooks up some Dubmas
Mince Pies, whist the Vee Dub family share their Christmas cheer with the help of
new freelancer Santa Stomper. And our Bus Kit page will give you some ideas for a
wheelie, wheelie good Christmas…
Happy Christmas to all our readers, advertisers, contributors and all the people who
just pick up the magazine in the newsagents for a nose through, yes even them. It is
the season of goodwill to all men (and women) after all.


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