VWBus T4&5+ Issue 86 (issue: Issue 86)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 86

VWBus T4&5+ Issue 86

The show season is now well under way and this month Simon has been to two
shows for us. His first was an annual visit to the Scrumpy Dubbers’ show, Dubs At
The Mill in Somerset. His second was a new show, Dubs In Wonderland run by the
Dubs Collective at Himley Hall. Alan reflects on Vanwest in his column and David
similarly looks back at Stanford Hall in his. Anne has been out and about too, in less
than pleasant weather last year she paid a visit to Anglesey for the Race Of
Remembrance in a follow up to her Mission Motorsport piece from a couple of
months ago. Even Harriet and Dan went to a meet, rather more exotically and in
much better weather, theirs was the ‘Vanlife Diaries Gathering’ in Byron Bay,
Feature-wise this is our super six for this month, First, we have an off-road, T5
Buspoke creation for the hire company, Campers and Canvas, it really is a ‘Higher
Hire’. Next up Karl Day has built a cracking T4 camper for himself and his family,
they really are ‘Happy Days’ now. In the following feature Paul Donegan reveals his
T6 ‘King Kombi’ built to demonstrate his RoadPod. Our fourth feature is drummer
Matt Epps’ stunning blue T4, purchased primarily to haul his drum kit, it is now so
much more. Feature five is a bus built by and for C&H Camper Conversions, no bed,
no fridge, no sink and no cooker, it does however have four Recaros, a thirty-two-
inch TV and a bucket full of purple coolness. Our final feature is something even
more different, it too is devoid of fridges, sinks and cookers, it doesn’t have Recaros
or a big TV, it does though have a bed. It also has an amazing airbrushed paint job
featuring ‘The Joker’ from the 2008 film ‘The Dark Night’. In our ‘How to’, which will
become a long-term test, we discover how to fit the new to market and amazing
value Low Pro coil-overs from Tux Auto Design. Simon also went to Wales to drop in
on Go Explore for a tour of their works. And we take a look at Low Life’s new and
innovative ‘Bullet’ pop-top roof. I haven’t even mentioned the Chef ignoring a
cholesterol warning, the show previews, the news and the new products. The best
piece of advice I can give you is either get down the newsagents and buy a copy,
subscribe or buy a single copy from the website, or seek out a digital version on
Zinio and Readly.

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