VWBus T4&5+ Issue 84 (issue: Issue 84)

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VWBus T4&5+ Issue 84

Buses, Bananas and Quokkas


Another bumper issue this month, firstly Simon Earp of West Coast Custom Vans

shows us his latest bus, a Candy white T6 Kombi Highline, it was great when it left

the factory, it’s even better now. Next up, Jason Cocking’s T4 was built to his

exacting standards and designs and that’s without mentioning his cool half Polo

trailer. Our third feature belongs to Stephen Marshall, his black T5 called Venom is a

van of great beauty and the stuff of nightmares if you’re at all OCD about keeping it

clean. Fourth out of the box is Zak Shuker’s stunning grey Caddy, it’s a vehicle built

for two separate purposes, one is to haul his mountain bikes, the other is to look

impossibly cool doing so. Our fifth feature and final T5 for this issue is Shane

Hudson’s ‘beast’, a bus full of hydro dipping, riding on air and painted in a rather

sudden shade of Lamborghini orange. Our final feature is Pete Armstrong’s T4, long

and red with an unusual interior layout and just a hint of Storm Trooper.

Elsewhere in this issue we learn how to fit a swivel plate on a front double seat, we

visit CoTrim in Salisbury, for a look round their extensive workshop before hitting the

road for the first of this season’s show reports. Camper Mart in Telford and

Dubfreeze in Bingley Hall, Staffordshire. Travel-wise, Anne has been to Goodwood

for a day out with the forces’ motorsport charity “Mission Motorsport”, their strapline

Race-Retrain-Recover just about sums it up. Dan and Harriet are still in Australia,

heading south towards Perth via a string of small towns, all situated along the pristine

coastline of the southernmost corner of Western Australia. They met a Quokka (not a

Doka) or two along the way and if you want to know what a Quokka is then you’ll

need to buy a copy. The chef has cooked up some Banana and Walnut bread and

shoehorned in a VW reference (obviously). Alan went to Ultimate Dubs and David

went to the NEC. Is there more I hear you ask? Of course there is, but a visit to our

website or a trip to the shops will be required to find out what…

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