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UK Rock and Roll October 18

UK Rock & Roll Oct 18

Charts: Whats 'Rockin and Rolllin' in the charts this month!

Bettajive Review: Andrew & June Smith out and about at one of your favourite gigs

Rock’n’Roll Express: Marcel Riesco jet-setting around the USA

Good Rocking Tonight!: Interview with Jet Harris

Classic Cars

Rockin’ Flix: An In-depth look at 1973's "Let the Good Times Roll" movie

Hot Dog: Pope Paul & The Illegals.

Gene Summers

Waxworks: The Living End, Sin Kings, Bad Bad Whisky Swine, The Honkabillies.

Wreckord Reviews: Alex Valenzi & the Hideaway Cats, Old Chevy, Colton Turner, Carlos and the Bandidos, Beat Devils, The Jancee Pornick Casino, The Kings of Hong Kong, The Ponces.

Mick Stott: Out and about with Mick Stoot

Steppin’ Out: Atomic Vintage Festival.

Gig guide: The complete list of R&R gigs in the UK

Psychobilly Corner: Interview with The Living End


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