Total MX-5 Issue 13 (published: 27/09/2019) Issue 13

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Total MX-5 Autumn 19

Issue 13

BBR mk4 super 220 • Playing the right tune
BBR’s latest naturally aspirated tuning package for the 181bhp 2.0-litre mk4 is an absolute cracker, pushing up power to 221bhp

JDM mk1 collector • Turning Japanese
James Kane has owned more than 60 mk1s over the years, all of them Japanese imports – we find out why he thinks they’re more special
history on the move

Driving the Chicago show car
When Mazda launched the MX-5 at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show there were red, white and blue cars on the stand – we drive the latter
30th Anniversary edition first drive

The Bright Stuff
Mazda’s oh-so-orange 30th Anniversary Edition cuts through Exmoor’s gloom as editor Fraser returns to where he drove the original MX-5 three decades ago

Road Trip • From Brooklands to Brighton
It may be crowded in the south, but it’s beautiful, too, when you sitck to the back roads

Readers’ rides • Mega Miyako
When Dave Watson’s mk3 Miyako went to BBR for a Super 200 kit, it came back with 209bhp


How To • Service a mk3
Oil, filter, plugs and a little bit more – if you’re going to do a job, you may as well do it properly

Specialists • C&C Sparkes
Why an old-school approach to business and customer care still makes sense today

Our cars • The Total MX-5 fleet
An imported mk2 Roadster 1.8 RS joins our line-up and goes for a jolly jaunt around rural Wales

Q&A • Technical issues solved
If you’ve got a problem, then chances are that our
Mr Cleverley will know how to resolve it

Why the MX-5 is a great choice for some of those with disabilites; how a mk1 set a new world record for going around hairpins; turning a mk1 into Lightning McQueen for charity; and celebrating the 30th anniversary with a mk1 made of Lego

Your cars
Your chance to tell the whole world what makes your MX-5 so special to you

The why and the what behind the latest mk4 accessory packs, straight from the horse’s mouth…

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