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Total MX-5 Spring 2019

Issue 11

Motorsport – Adding up the cost of racing
Just how ‘budget’ is a budget race series? Last year’s MX-5 Championship Rookie of the Year, Matt Pollard, reveals all

History on the move – Mazda’s Heritage Fleet
Mazda UK appreciates the importance of the past, especially when it comes to the MX-5. We take a look at what’s in its Heritage garage

Turbocharged / Supercharged – Just between friends
Rob Long’s mk1 has a turbo, his mate Oli Matthews has one with a supercharger. Here’s the how and why they’ve picked different paths to power

Road Trip – Yorkshire Dales
God’s own county welcomed us with azure skies and balmy temperatures when we went to enjoy its stunning scenery and challenging roads in a mk2 10th Anniversary. Motoring seldom gets better than this anywhere in the world

Readers’ Ride – How low can you go?
Rich Webb’s mk3 is a crazy 100mm lower than standard, so to save his front spoiler from being smashed to smithereens over every sleeping policeman, he’s fitted it with adjustable air bag suspension

The very orange 30th Anniversary Edition; Mazda remakes parts for the mk1; and the cars that our readers own

Samco Sport coolant hoses for the mk3 are up for grabs this issue

MX-5 Owners Club
The MX-5OC has plans for setting a new world record and they need your help

Confessions of a PR man: we talk to Tim Watson whose job was to launch the mk1 MX-5 in the UK

Practical MX-5
How To: Replace a mk1/2 clutch
Not a simple operation by any means, but one made easier with our readily followed guide

Specialists: MX5 Heaven
We didn’t see any pearly gates, but we did spot a lot of used and new parts that we’d like to get our hands on

OUR CARS: The Total MX-5 fleet
Our V6-engined Rocketeer hits the road and updates on the tribulations of the other car

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