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Total MX-5 Winter 18 19

Issue 10


Reviewing the MX5OC National Rally, renting MX-5s in Scotland, and visiting Deepcar Autobodies

There’s a £100 voucher up for grabs from the lovely folk at

MX-5 Owners Club
30th anniversary celebrations will be key to the club’s activities in 2019

The Mazda factory is running its own mk1 restoration programme: we look at what’s involved

From the archive
The power of colour choice for the mk2 MX-5 .. r>
Coming soon/ advertisers’ index
Who’s advertising in this issue and what you have to look forward to next time

How To: Replace door speakers
It’s hard to hear the original speakers in the mk1: here’s how to replace them for better sound

Specialists: Jass Performance
With bases in Britain and Bulgaria, an emphasis on quality ties Jass’s operations together

OUR CARS: The Total MX-5 fleet
You should never go back, some say, but John Simister didn’t listen and has reclaimed his old mk1

Q&A: Problems resolved
Fried electrics, a sodden boot, and improved heel and toeing keep our MX-5 expert busy this issue

Your first MX-5What are you waiting for?
Whether you’re new to the MX-5 world or fancy a change, here’s why you should buy one and what to look out for

Quickly gaining ‘classic’ status and still an absolute joy to drive

Picking up in popularity and dynamically superior to the mk1

A more ‘rounded’ car than its predecessors and better to drive than once claimed

Compact, light, quick and nimble; Mazda keeps faith with the original MX-5 concept

An MX-5 too far?
409bhp is possibly excessive for a mk1, but this home-built turbocharged MX-5 manages – just – to stay on the right side of sanity

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