Star Wars Special - 2014

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Don't miss the ultimate Star Wars Insider Magazine Special Edition!

The 148-page special collector's edition includes:

  • Mark Hamill - The actor on life as Luke Skywalker!
  • Carrie Fisher - The first lady of Star Wars talks in a rarely seen interview!
  • Harrison Ford - The actor on being Star Wars'unlikeliest hero!
  • Dave Filoni - The Clone Wars supervising director speaks out!


Plus! Interviews with Walter Murch, Simon Pegg, Sam Witwear, Joel Aron, James Arnold Taylor, Troy Denning, Roger Kastel, Dennis Muren, Catherine Taber and Billy Dee Williams!

Also featuring in this special collector's edition of Star Wars Insider:

  • The weird characters of Mos Eisley!
  • The making of the classic Marvel Star Warscomic books!
  • A guide to the greatest Boba Fett collectibles!
  • A complete guide to speaking Sith!
  • A two-part look at the Star Wars radio drama!
  • The story of the Nightsisters of Dathomir revealed!
  • An Imperial Coup - dissent on the Death Star?
  • Mothma & Madine - The rebellion's finest leaders in Insider's craziest interview
  • Classic moment - Obi-Wan Kenobi locks lightsabers with General Grievous!
  • Why Jar Jar Binks is a true Star Wars icon!

Plus, all the regular features and more!

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