Star Wars Insider Issue 211 (issue: 211)

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Star Wars Insider Issue 211

Issue 211

Twenty-five years ago, on a ranch not so far from San Francisco, a famous filmmaker decided he hadn’t quite finished with that space movie he’d released two decades previously. It could do with a spruce up, to fix a few shots he’d never been fully happy with and to ensure the film would be enjoyed in tip-top condition for generations to come. And while he was at it, he might as well add a little stardust to its two sequels too! So began the saga of the Star Wars Special Editions. It was a big job for those involved, and this issue we celebrate their dedication to the task with an in-depth chat with some of the creatives that made it possible.

We’ll also be taking you on a tour of Great Britain’s Star Wars filming locations, retrace the turning points in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life from Padawan to Force spirit, and you’re certain to enjoy our all-new short story by top Star Wars author George Mann featuring everyone’s favorite galactic chef, Dexter Jettster.

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