Skin Deep Issue 296 (published: 08/11/2018) 296

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skin-deep-issue 296

Skin Deep Issue 296

In issue 296 of Skin Deep we take a look at the eco-price of tattooing. Is it something to worry about? Is it something we can address? Maybe we raise more questions than we have answers for but it’s certainly worth talking about. Meantime, we hook-up with the amazing talents and art of Dom Wiley, Carola Deutsch, Renan Batista and discover six Danish tattooers whose names you should know because world class artists are all within easy reach these days! There’s coverage from Blackpool’s Tatcon, Sean Herman continues to change the world one tattoo at a time and gracing the cover this issue is Jinks shot by Scott Cole. 

There’s a whole lot more inside too… a varied and exciting issue, even if we do say so ourselves.

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