Readers Digest May 2023 (issue: May 2023)

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Readers Digest May 2023 cover

May 2023

  • A big feature on the life of King Charles - an overview and celebration of his life, as well as an analysis of what the monarchy might look like under his rule. 
  • A feature on the historical significance of the coronation ceremony as well as all the fascinating details behind the planning and execution of King Charles' coronation 
  • Some special celebratory recipes
  • A piece on King Charles' favourite music
  • 'My Britain' will focus on Ballater, the closest village to Balmoral Castle, and the piece will include some fascinating stories about the royals from locals 
  • The Money column will discuss what will happen to the banknotes and coins featuring the Queen and what the transition will look like for both the UK and Commonwealth
  • The dating & relationships column will focus on the stigma around divorce, and how Camilla being accepted into the royal family made many divorced women feel seen. 

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