Literary Review June 18 (published: 01/05/2018) June 2018

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Literary Review June 2018

Literary Review June 18

John Stubbs on Shakespeare's tyrants * Richard Cockett on election-rigging * Darrin McMahon on Thomas Paine * Henrietta Garnett on feminism's fight with feathers * Keshava Guha on Dalits * Paul Willetts on a Shanghai noir * Avi Shilon on Benjamin Netanyahu * Salley Vickers on a new translation of the New Testament * Mick Brown on psychedelics * Blair Worden on civility * Christopher Hart on Samuel Johnson's guide to life * D D Guttenplan on Seymour Hersh * Ben Masters on Michael Ondaatje * Patrick Scrivenor on the Yeti * Sarah Crown on Rachel Kushner * and much, much more...

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