Tanks of WWII

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This is a 164-page guide to the tanks of WWII

Covering everything from the light tanks of Japan in the Far East, to the British tanks of the Western Desert Campaign, the Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front and the range of Panzer models deployed by Nazi Germany throughout the war. 

This special collector’s magazine is split into sections, covering:

From those who devised innovative techniques that exploited the speed and power of the new weapons, to the men in the cupolas who fought and died on the battlefield. There are representatives from Germany, Poland, America, Britain, Soviet Union, France and Finland. Read their stories.

The hardware of the Allied nations, covering British, French, American and Soviet tanks. Each tank is shown in action, alongside technical specifications, development and battlefield deployment.

The tanks of Germany, Czechoslovakia and Japan from the Panzer 35(t) to the King Tiger. Read how they were developed, what armour and weaponry they were equipped with, and how they performed in the field.

Significant battles, featuring large numbers of tanks, are described in detail. See how these armoured behemoths destroyed their opponents and how they were stopped, in the most critical engagements of WWII, including Kursk, Khalkhin Gol, Kiev and at El Alamein.

Discover the museums where you can see WWII tanks today, either static or still functioning. Look at the games that accurately model tank performance, build the kits and create your own tank warfare dioramas and find out how you can actually collect militaria memorabilia of the tanks and their crews from WWII.

Packed with original photos, many of them colourised, plus blueprints and technical data of each tank, this high-quality, perfect bound magazine is ideal for both enthusiasts and to give as a gift.

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