British Empire Medals and Clasps

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Discover the medals and clasps of the British Empire from the last 300 years in this 132-page digital bookazine.

Collect the medals and clasps from the British Empire in remote territories and major campaigns around the world. 

Here are the medals awarded by Britain and her Allies for major battles and notable campaigns.

The Peninsular War
Let’s take a look at the medals, clasps and regimental awards for the Iberian Peninsula.

The Battle of the Nile
The range of naval medals awarded to those who took part in the great sea battle.

The Battle of Waterloo
It was the first of its kind, issued to the common soldier as a commemoration.

Charge of the Light Brigade
Discover some of the medals awarded for one of 
the most famous actions in British military history.

1st Afghan War
These were the first campaign medals to be awarded by the British Army after Waterloo.

The Mahdist War
The campaign in the deserts of Sudan and the awarding of the Queen’s Sudan Medal.

The Battle of Tel El-Kebir
Wolseley’s swift Egyptian victory on 13 September 1882 crushed an uprising.

Rorke's Drift
Discover the variety of medals awarded for this iconic battle.

The Pathan Rising
Hard fought and hard earned, this is the epic story behind an overlooked medal.

The Boxer Rebellion
 The wide range of awards from the Western powers in the fight against the Boxers.

WWI medals for Africa
Awards from various countries involved in the neglected colonial territory campaign.

The Gallipoli campaign
Medals to the various troops who fought in the ill-fated campaign in WWI.

Commonwealth WWII War Service medals
The Dominions of the British Empire, Australia and New Zealand, had their own medals.

The Malayan Emergency
Here are the awards given for the long running, post-WWII insurgency in Malaya.

From the earliest medals to the classic battles and some of the rarest medals and clasps from the 17th-19th centuries.

Dunbar medal of 1650
It’s the dawn of the British campaign medal system with the Parliament victory.

The Deccan Medal
Discover how the EIC led the way for a campaign medal in the 18th century.

Davison's Nile medal
The commemorative medal awarded by Nelson’s prize agent in 1798.

Siege of Khartoum
This was an ad-hoc award for one of the most famous sieges.

British East Africa Company medal
This was a medal awarded for strategic considerations in the headwaters of the Nile.

North Borneo 
Company medals
These are the rare awards for a remote part of the British Empire.

The Fatshan Creek clasp
Discover a medal and clasp awarded for a hand-to-hand action in the China Wars.

Rebellion in Coorg
This is a very rare East India Company medal for 1837.

The Maida Gold medal
Awarded for the British Army’s first land victory in the Napoleonic War.

The Guelphic Medal for Gallantry
This was one of the first gallantry medals to be issued to the Other Ranks of the British Army.

The defence of Corygaum
Discover the tale of a rare clasp awarded for an Indian Rorke’s Drift.

The defence of Kelat-i-Ghilzie, 1842
A rare, early medal for for the British Army in a demanding defence.

Empress of India medal
An appropriately large medal commemorating a lavish, Imperial extravaganza.

South Africa medals and clasps
Find out the story behind British awards from a century of frontier wars in Africa.

Sir Gilbert Blane's Gold medal
It was a medal awarded to only the worthiest Naval Surgeons.

Siege of Seringapatam medal
The medal awarded to the Honourable East India Company forces in the 1799 battle.

Warfare on the Cape Frontier
The Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal covered three major conflicts.

The Toksi 1899 clasp
Check out the clasp awarded for a forgotten battle in the Sudan.

The Hunza Campaign
Discover a scarce clasp for the India General Service Medal from 1891.

The first Arctic medal
Medals for the most demanding voyages of exploration and discovery in the frozen north.

The Royal Niger Company
Have a look at a rare medal from the era of Britain’s tropical empire.

The medal for M'wele 1894-95
The medal for securing the headwaters of the Nile via the east coast of Africa.

The rare medals and clasps from the 20th century battles and campaigns. 

The Polar Medal
Head south to the Antarctic to discover another medal awarded for scientific discovery.

The Kissi campaign
Take a look at this award for colonial warfare across frontiers.

The Natal 1906 medal
Discover the last Zulu War medal from Britain’s South African campaigns.

The North West Frontier
The issuing of a new medal for India and the battle at Matta Mughal Khel.

The Lusitania Medal
A medal issued by Germany and the Allies to commemorate/castigate a naval atrocity.

The Waziristan 1925 clasp
Head back to 1925 when the RAF took the lead in remote areas of the Empire.

Rhodesia Medal
A medal for moving from colonial government to independence.

Kuwait Liberation Medal
Discover a little-known medal, issued for the first Gulf War.

Saudi Arabia Medal for Kuwait
Here’s another of those lesser-known medals awarded for the first Gulf War.

The Queen Elizabeth Cross
Take a look at the medal and its predecessors that is a memorial to services rendered.

The General Service Medal 2008
What better way to round things off than by looking at a new award for recent operations.

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