A Guide to Collecting German Militaria

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A 132-page guide to collecting Imperial & Third Reich militaria.

This is a 132-page guide to collecting German militaria, from Imperial Germany of WWI to the National Socialist regime of WWII. It covers medals, documentation, uniforms, personal equipment, awards, weapons and civil and political medals. All the articles will include current prices to give the reader an idea of what they need to pay to build their collection.

The bookazine is split into sections, covering:
Imperial Germany.
Werhmacht medals, documentation and campaign shields & cuffbands.
Heer (Army) uniforms and helmets, Afrika Korps uniforms, personal equipment and award badges.
Luftwaffe (Air Force) uniforms, Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) collectables, personal equipment, award badges.
Kriegsmarine (Navy) uniforms, personal equipment like watches, life vests; award badges and campaign shields.
Waffen-SS (Armed division of the SS) uniforms, SS daggers, insignia, cap badges
National Socialist party organisations like the Gestapo, Hitler Youth, BDM, uniforms, badges then the civil and political medals.

The Wehrmacht section applies to all other branches of the military, including the Waffen-SS, so awards here are common to them all. 

The Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS sections all offer guides to items specific to those services. 

The final section deals with the National Socialist party in particular, which had the SS, Gestapo and youth organisations like the Hitler Youth for boys, BDM for girls. These were responsible for Nazi ideology so had specific uniforms, badges and awarded a range of civil and political medals.

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