Iron Cross - Issue 1 (issue: Issue 1)

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OVER THE BEACHES: Chris Goss looks at the German operations in Normandy


• D-Day and the Luftwaffe. How Germany tried to counter the 1944 Normandy invasion from the air.
• 'Slaughter Birds'. The German Schlachtflieger's role during World War 1.
• Get The Glorious! How the key British aircraft carrier was sunk off Norway.
• Waffenkammer. A detailed analysis of the MG15 machine gun.
• Story of Feldgrau. The development of the field grey uniform in World War 1.

With contributions by Roger Moorhouse, Dr. Peter Caddick-Adams, Richard Osgood, Robin Schäfer, Andy Saunders, Chris Sams, Christoph Höpfer, Bernd Fehrle and others.

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