Bee Craft - January 2024 (issue: January 2024 - delivered before Christmas)

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Jan 24 Front Cover

Bee Craft - January 2024

In this Issue:-

-Tom Seeley on Eight nifty mechanical signals

produced by honey bees
- Travels with Éric Tourneret - bee photographer extraordinaire
- Serendipity and the shrill carder bee

- Wild honey bee colonies in ancient

and veteran trees in SE England

- Through the eyes of bee
- Coping with Asian hornets in France
- Insects abound – a primer on the
order of things
- What's cooking: What’s cooking: Honey and

rosemary fruited bread for cheese
- Techniques: Preparing old frames
for reuse
- Beekeeping shorts:Challenging your inner beekeeper
- Cyclopedia: A is for Abushady
- Trees for bees: Judas tree
Drifting: Gladstone Solomon

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