100% Biker Issue 253 (published: 17/11/2019) 253

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100 Biker Issue 253

100% Biker Issue 253

It’s the penultimate issue of 2019 but we’ve been very restrained and haven’t mentioned the ‘C’
word. (We’ll keep that for next issue which we shall be writing and assembling while wearing elf
costumes and consuming more mulled wine than is strictly wise.)

Meanwhile, we will keep your mind off the forthcoming joy of the festive season with a truly sumptuous sack of gifts in 100% Biker #253. There’s a fantastic little Jawa on the cover, a bike put together out of spare parts and autojumble finds. Elsewhere we have a veritable variety of machinery from Dave’s lovely little Suzuki TS500 single to another 500cc machine in the shape of Tim’s split personality Kawasaki GPZ. There’s two ladies’ motorcycles in this issue – a splendid trike from Ireland that belongs to the lovely Fidelma and Carol’s Harley Superlow with its stunning paintwork. We have a Yamaha XS650 with a very special purpose, the latest from Custom Chrome Europe’s BOAR programme and Odgie’s Piledriver Project roars into life. Well, putters rather than roars. We’ve been to the Hook Up, Dirtquake, Leeds Customs and Classic Show, Faaker See and Mobile Chaos MCC’s Rock Night, as well as to Derbyshire to talk to The Trike Guy. Oh, and there’s the second part of Spike and Bob’s Big Swedish Adventure. And not a bit of tinsel in sight…

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