100% Biker Issue 242 (published: 14/01/2019) 242

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100-biker-issue 242

100% Biker Issue 242

For the very first issue of 2019, 100% Biker is thrilled to bring you an exclusive

feature on Max Hazan’s beautiful speedway-inspired JAP, the first time this

motorcycle has been seen in detail in any magazine. And the lovely lady on the

cover is Imogen Lethonen, owner of several custom bikes and designer for the

renowned jewellery company, The Great Frog. That’s how to kick off the New Year!


Inside, it’s just as fabulous and varied. Rolling Art Motorcycles shows off its new

Sportster-based boardtracker; there’s a sleek Suzuki Tempter (be honest, how many

of you had even heard of a Suzuki Tempter?); Matt’s survivor Honda CB750

chopper; a superb Yamaha Virago; a Harley all the way from Croatia and a high-tech

take on a BMW K100. We couldn’t let the Chopper Club’s 45 th birthday go without a

bit of a celebration, while there’s even more choppers courtesy of Born Free.

Christmas was enjoyed with the Santa’s On A Bike and the Golden Lions Toy Runs,

while we remind you of warmer days with the Zombie Rally, Burning Budgie Rally,

Party With The Roses, the Ace Café Reunion and No Bull Just Beer and Bikes. And

we also bring you the first of a new column to help you with legal questions!

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