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100-biker-issue 239

100% Biker Issue 239

If you know anything about General Electric products, you’ll know that a 239 relay is designed to protect

three phase AC motors against conditions which can cause damage. And if you know anything about

100% Biker, you will know that issue #239 is designed to protect you against conditions that can cause


We can’t remember the last time we had a CBX1000 in the magazine, so we’re making up for that with

Rno Cycles’ fabulous update on Honda’s super bike on the cover and centrespread. Equally fabulous are

Shaun’s Harley Knucklehead, built from a basket case; Auto Fabrica’s elegant Yamaha XS750; an Italian

redesign of the BMW RnineT by Ares Design; Riggs’ daily rider BSA; Lee’s Harley Shovel – another

one that was rescued and a Mad Max-inspired Kawasaki ZXR750. Our feet and wheels haven’t stopped

moving all summer so we can bring you the very best and biggest coverage of Stormin’ The Castle and of

Twisted Iron: The Happening, but we’ve also been to the Yorkshire Pudding, Headstock, Adventure

Before Dementia, the Long Shop Show, Bad Wabbits’ Shindig, Team Sober MCC’s Pissed as a Newt

Rally and Custom Chrome at Faak See. And, of course, there’s all the latest news and products. Enjoy!

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