100% Biker Issue 234 (published: 02/06/2018) 234

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100% biker front cover issue 234

100% Biker Issue 234

We do like a sequential number and, with issue 123 having been a while ago, 234 being only our second three-figure serial number and 345 being a long way in the future, we figured we would make the most of Two-Three-Four.

And so we did, with eight very varied and all quite lovely feature bikes. Who could fail to fall in love with Jessica’s little Bonneville or Rachael’s Salt Lake Spitfire Buell? Ric’s Black Sabbath-inspired Harley is a labour of love in itself, while elsewhere we have a Kawasaki KZ750 built, quite literally, from the tank down; Neil’s Moto Guzzi which came back from a crash to new glory; a remarkable little Royal Enfield hybrid; a tough take on the venerable Yamaha XV920 and Leigh’s Suzuki which is prepared for when the dead take over the earth. If they haven’t already.

Out and about, we’ve been chilly at Harley and Snow, a little greasy at the Well Oiled Rally, in the nick of time at Kickstart Summer, a bit wet at the Port O’ Call and quite damp too at the Easter Bunny Run, in the workshop at Attitude Customs and getting all Italian at CCE’s Verona Championship. Plus, there’s all the regular stuff as well. And you don’t even have to read it all in sequence!

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